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3/40z Tungsten Green

3/4oz Tungsten Black

1oz Tungsten Green 

1oz Tungsten Black

1.5oz Tungsten Green

1.5oz Tungsten Black


    A lot of you kept asking when I would make my weights out of Tungsten. After 4 years the US Patent office has finally issued our weedless weight patent. We now feel safe to move forward and have the Miller Punchin Weights made of Tungsten. Our best selling 1.5 oz. Miller Punchin Weight was the first to be offered. This weight makes getting through the thickest vegetation a breeze. If you like to "Bubba Shot" then check out the 3/4oz size. All the sizes come in the Punchin Green color or the black that most of you love.  

                                        Miller Punchin Weight   "WIRED"

 The patented conical design of the 3/4oz Miller Punchin Weight makes it the perfect Bubba Shot rig. Dipped in and out of vegetation it allows you to cover so much more area quickly with little or no effort. The new 9' length rod rule in some tournaments lets you duplicate the tullie dippin method of some of the best pros out there. We added a 2" stainless wire hence the name "Wired" so you can add a hook of your choice. Black or Green it's always coming out clean.

Green $7.99 ea
Black $7.99 ea
 Black Tungsten 3/4 oz Wired
Green Tungsten 3/4 oz Wired
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